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business litigation rockland countyLitigation Price Guaranty*.

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Any law firm can claim they have litigation experience.  But few law firms have the decades of experience across a wide array of businesses and conflict-categories, to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of litigation.

Think about it. ¬†Litigation, at its bottom line, is a cost of doing business. ¬†You wouldn’t buy a car without the salesman providing¬†the final price, why wouldn’t you expect the same from your lawyer? ¬†Is it really impossible to predict the cost of resolving your case? ¬†The answer is a resounding “No”. ¬†Litigation costs can be estimated accurately.

Only Stern Law Offices. ¬†Business Litigation attorneys, in Rockland County, NY. ¬†Yes, we’re that good. We will provide a Litigation Price Guaranty of the total attorney fees incurred to ¬†resolve your case. ¬†We guarantee that the final attorney fee will not exceed 15% of the estimate stated in your Retainer Agreement.


The Guaranty does not include: (a) any other matters, actions or proceedings; nor any post-dismissal motion practice whether the case is dismissed in whole or in part; (b) work in appellate courts; or (c) out-of-pocket expenses.  Out-of-pocket expenses include but are not limited to costs of serving and filing papers, court fees, process servers, court calendar service, expert witnesses, subpoena fees, consultants, accountants, appraisers, investigators, actuaries, court reporters, travel, parking, telefax charges, postage and photocopies normally made by me or requested by you. Disbursements are in addition to fees based upon time and are to be paid by you promptly when billed or in advance, at our sole discretion.

Emails, telephone calls, faxes, or other communications to us initiated by you or initiated by us during which you initiate an unrelated topic.

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