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A Paradigm Shift In Appellate Representation


A paradigm Shift in Rockland County Appellate Representation.  You’ve already invested in a lawsuit in which you did not prevail. You want to appeal, but are understandably hesitant to throw good money after bad.  We offer a bullet-proof alternative to risking more attorney fees on a losing cause. When you need an Appeals Attorney in Rockland County, contact Stern Law Offices.

*Terms of Appellate Representation:

  • $250 non-refundable file-review fee if file is delivered in PDF digital format or documents for review are available on Efile. Otherwise the file review fee is $500
  • If the decision is reversed for any reason, in whole or in part (including the case being returned to the trial court judge for any reason), the attorney fee is deemed earned in full. You are only responsible for appellate printing, filing and service fees. An advance estimate will be provided. Payment is due when billed and prior to filing.
  • No representation on the ultimate outcome of the case, as we do not control the trial court proceedings and due to the unpredictability of trial court judges
  • Flat-fee billing. Guaranteed maximum attorney fees billable for the appeal.
  • Time-payment arrangements are available. However, the entire appeal fee is due and payable prior to sending the file to the appellate printer.
  • Oral argument is not included. Unless requested, appeal will be ‚Äúon submission‚ÄĚ (no appearance in court). Oral argument is available at a $2500 per appearance, non-refundable attorney fee, payable in full in advance. Except in very unusual circumstances, an appellate appearance is one (1) day. If directed to appear by the appellate division for any reason or opposing counsel requests oral argument, a $1,250 appearance fee will due and be payable in advance.
  • If after file review we advise that your appeal will not succeed, and you retain alternate counsel and are successful in reversing any part of the decision, the review fee will be refunded in full.
  • The attorney fee is deemed earned when paid and chargeable at $450 per hour against work performed, including but not limited to time actually spent on file review, up to the maximum estimated flat-fee for undertaking the appeal, if you elect to appeal. If the hours spent on the appeal are less than the flat-fee quoted, the balance will be refunded.¬† You will not be responsible for attorney fees that exceed the quoted flat-fee.
  • We reserve the right to decline to review or undertake representation as we, in our sole discretion and for any reason, deem the matter unsuitable.
  • The review fee is due at the time of scheduling the initial consultation and covers telephone conferences or conferences in our Wesley Hills main office. Conferences taking place in any of our virtual offices will incur a file review fee of $500.¬† All major credit cards are accepted.
  • Emails, texts, phone calls, etc., initiated by you are not included and are billed at the quoted hourly attorney fee rate.
Main Office:  Suffern (Wesley Hills), NY
Virtual Offices: Tarrytown and White Plains