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Litigation & Appeals: Hire the attorney who beat the S.E.C. We will  provide a guaranty of the total attorney fees for your case!  For Business, Civil & Complex Commercial Litigation in Rockland County. For over 25 years, Litigation is our sole focus.


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WIN YOUR APPEAL OR YOU DON’T PAY*. ¬†A Paradigm Shift In Appellate Practice. ¬†Put over 25 years of litigation focus to work for you. ¬†You’ve thrown enough money into litigation. ¬†We will tell you if you have a winning appeal and back up our opinion with our wallet. ¬†If the appeal is not successful*, we refund your attorney fees in full. *See terms and conditions.


Concierge Attorney Services: ¬†Litigation Fee Guaranty*.¬†¬†Are you experiencing¬†any of the following? My lawyer seems to have too many other clients to pay attention to me, and that’s making me nervous; everything on my case seems to take too long; my lawyer doesn’t return my calls for days, if at all; I don’t think my lawyer is aggressive enough; I’m paying too much in legal fees with no end to the billing in sight. ¬†Discover the Stern Law Office Paradigm Shift in legal representation.


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